Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ashton's Village

Yesterday we had a very modest baby shower for our dear Aston and little Henry , who is due to arrive in a few days.

We met at one of our favorite restaurants La Vache, which is a French Bistro.
Below are pictured the hostesses and the guest of honor.
Ashton received some amazing gifts and a ton of cute clothes for the little guy.
She also received vital advice and tips to help her jump into the black hole known as motherhood.
Paternal Grandmothers and Greatgrandmothers.
The food was yummy and the company even yummier!
And a great big THANK YOU to dear sweet Care who came up with the amazing Rubber Ducky Cake and cupcake favors.. Isn't she talented?

It was a wonderful brunch with family and close friends and we hope that Ashton is feeling more confident as she prepares for the cutest grandson to arrive.

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dallas and Kim said...

It was another great party! So glad I didn't miss it. See ya soon Grandma - G.K.