Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just for a minute.....

This morning I got up to let the dogs out and glanced up at the view from the sliding glass door.  Ya know the place between sleep and not quite awake, where you still do things on autopilot? I let the dogs out a dawn every morning and crawl right back into bed without really waking up. That was where I was this morning, and as I saw this view it registered as being a hill in Italy. I was half the way back to my bed when it hit me that I didn't live in Italy and went back to check the view.
 No, I wasn't in Italy, still in foggy San Diego. But I swear I saw this hill in Northern Italy last year, sycamores and all.  And after a brief moment of disappointment it hit me that, man, who can complain when you live in a place so beautiful it COULD be in Italy.
By this time I was wide awake so took a picture so I could always be grateful for the little things; like the view from my bedroom on a foggy Wednesday morning.