Monday, June 22, 2009

What the?

So Fraser and I (and Emma) were coming home from Phoenix (see there is something about me and the desert!) and we saw this sign.

What kind of name is that for a street? First of all its in Yuma. How many numbered streets can there be in Yuma? In fact, how many streets can there be there period? Could they really have run out of numbers so that they had to resort to fractions? Really? Could they truly have used up numbers such as Avenue 748? Or Avenue 14337.

So, for arguments sake, lets say they did use up all the numbers, lets just say even, that there is a Yuma law that says they could only go to Avenue 100. Some genius comes up with the great idea to use mixed fractions? Thats the best they could do? What ever happen to giving streets cute names? Like Cactus Court? Desert Drive? Sunnyside Street? Coyote Canyon? Come on! There is the wonderful Zyzzyx Road out there as a living testimony to street naming creativity.

But, lets go with the assumption that 1) the Dept. of Road Naming in Yuma used up all infinite numbers, so, 2) they voted and decided to go with fractions (because they weren't creative enough to use nouns.) Which explains "Avenue 8 1/2" but then,wait for it..... they have tacked on the East designation! Which begs the question: where is Avenue 8 1/2 West . or Avenue 8 1/2 South? We didn't slow down to ask directions to any of the these other streets. We just stayed on the 8 and never looked back. Laughing and talking about the street names till our laughers hurt.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Humor me

I love looking at other blogs that take amazing photographs of their crafty creations. Oh Happy Day is one of my favorites as are any shots that Brit blogs about the things she has cooked. I love it when the simplest item, such as a cupcake or a drinking straw, turns into a work of art.
So, when I made these little party favors for my last PTA meeting, I asked Brit to take photos so I could post them.

I filled old prescription bottles with chocolate kisses, added a label or two and a quote by Dr. Suess (You can never go wrong with the good Dr.) and voila! A Party Favor. And after Brit photographs them, they actually look pretty good. Art for art's sake, right?
(By-the-way, they were not all my bottles!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whats with me and the Desert?

As much as I profess to love the beach it seems I only go on vacation to the desert!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Update

We are pleased to announce that our garden is far.