Saturday, January 31, 2009

When I WAS a kid...

Emma needed corn kernels for a project at school so we bought a jar of regular (not microwave) popcorn. This led to an interesting discussion about how people popped corn before microwaves. I'm embarrassed to say that my 10 year old daughter had never seen corn popped. She thought that all corn had to be put in the microwave in a sealed bag, because there was some reason you could not look at corn before it was popped. Isn't it funny what I, as a mother, didn't think about and how she has tried to make sense of the things she sees in her world?
So, we got out the oil and pan and melted the real butter and had us an amazing afternoon watching TV and eating popcorn cooked the 'old fashion way'. I had forgotten how good the real thing is. Wonder what else she/we are missing out on?

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