Monday, January 19, 2009

My Dream Job

I always wanted to work at Legoland and build little tiny fantasy worlds. How happy would you be working on recreating the Inauguration on the Capital steps under the CA sun!

Check out the guest list:Of course the Obama family is there.

Along with the Bush Sr.s (gray hair) Clintons (both going blond for the event)Singer Aretha Franklin and the George W's ( notice they were not even given chairs) hmmmm.

And of course the woman who set his little foot on the path to greatness: Oprah.
Although I can't figure out where her seats are.(Does it look like she has called a bedroom at the White House.)

Whats an inauguration without a parade!And the first signs of change in the air: A portapotty for every American!
God Bless America
And God Bless President Obama.


Vijesh said...

This is awesome stuff.. It would great to do it..

Beach Mommy said...

that would be a fun job! And as for Obama, he does need the blessings!

Susy said...

I saw this post yesterday and I kept thinking....
So what my Cindy is all about!
Love ya, still waiting for your phone call!