Monday, November 3, 2008

Emma and I walked the Susan G. Komen 5K through Balboa Park yesterday with about a dozen of our friends from Avocado School. One of the teachers was diagnosed a few months ago and is out right now recovering from surgery. Emma helped me organize a school team and Stefan designed our logo. Fraser is scheduled to do the 3-Day/60 mile walk in two weeks. It appears the Cathie's have gone PINK! You are in our prayers Mrs. Thomas.


Beach Mommy said...

I'm amazed at how big Emma is! I think she was in Kindergarten when we moved. Maybe first grade. Didi you ever start teaching?

Susy said...

Another event, do you ever sit still?
I must always remember I am the koala. Happy just sitting in the tree and eating! My poor children. Oh yeah! I home school. I am with them 24/7.
Please send me pix of the wedding. Will the young couple be staying with you? Is Brit coming home for the big day? Yes call me on Wed I will be home just for your phone call. Love ya

winspears said...

How fun...what a great experience for Emma and all the other kids! I'd love to do that someday! You are amazing!
Call me!

Katie said...

that logo is so funny! i love it. good job stefan. and you guys are awesome for supporting a great cause!