Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...another one bites the dust

Well, its official. I have a new daughter-in-law. Stefan and Ashton tied the knot this weekend in a lovely intimate ceremony in Phoenix. I couldn't be happier for them. Ashton (as you can see) is beautiful, and clever and sweet and smart and we are lucky to have her in our family. Well done, Stefan. (More photos to follow.)


winspears said...

Congrats you crazy lady! Two down and one more to go! Call to do breakfast, lunch, something! Miss ya!

Susy said...

Just beautiful! They look so dang cute! I am glad that all went well! Excited to see more pix!

Talk to you soon.

Love ya my dear!

Beach Mommy said...

Hopefully we'll make it for the open house next month. We're planning SD for Xmas anyway. Would love to see more pics! Congratulations...only one more to go and you and Frasier are free to roam the world :) Let's hope it takes awhile!