Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy surprises

I picked up this book at Costco yesterday, because the title was so intriguing. Knowing nothing about a book before you open the cover is always a bit unnerving but this one has not disappointed. It is written as a series of letters between people in England after WWII. The language is so yummy and makes me long for a return to hand written correspondence. Very like Jane Austin and very not like twittering.
How can you resist prose like this:
"I'm ashamed to say I only bought the book because I'd read elsewhere that a man named Lamb had visited his friend L. Hunt, in prision for libeling the Princes of Wales. while there, Lamb helped Hunt paint the ceiling of his cell sky blue with white clouds. next they painted a rose trellis up one wall. Then , I further discovered, Lamb offered money to help Hunt's family outside the prison-though he himself was as poor as a man could be. Lamb also taught Hunt's youngest daughter to say the Lord's Prayer backward. You naturally want to learn everything you can about a man like that."
Sad news is I'm already half way through the book.

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I call it next.