Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Sabbath to you

I love Sundays. As the world continues to spin wildly outside inside my home things are calm and predictable. We rise early to prepare for church at 9, The dogs get the paper and this is usually the one day Shadow will let Bowie help her carry the ginormous paper to the kitchen. A quick bowl of cereal or piece of toast and we are out the door. At church the whole family sits together. In this order: Fraser, me, Emma, Brit and Grant. We really should put Emma one of the ends cause she likes to get up to go to the restroom and get drinks of water. After the service Fraser is off to golf and we go to our respective classes.
After church we have 'Sunday nachos'. That's it, every Sunday we have a small tray of nachos for lunch. Then we separate again for 'resting'. For me this means to gather all the coupons and adds from the paper and go to my bed and go through them and cut them out and then lay down and take a nap. I'm not sure what the others do but they are quiet and in the other side of the house.
Just about the time the house starts to stir again, Fraser wanders in from the links. We visit, watch some sports on tv, or take the dogs for a walk. And then, wait for it, we have Breakfast for Dinner Yep, a full English breakfast for dinner. While it can be overwhelming and somewhat disgusting if put in front of you at 8 am, it is a work of art and may very well be the absolute perfect food when it is served as a meal later in the day. This meal could very well be a spiritual experience itself.
I love Sundays. I love that everyone is at home. That the phones don't ring. That we are not expected to be anywhere, that we rest, relax, and mellow out and plan the coming week.
Ya know, "a month of Sundays" is always used in a negative way but I think that would the perfect month. Where do I sign up?


winspears said...

I can't wait for my SUndays to be like yours. Mine are usually full of loud bangs, missing church shoes, and
a few melt downs. Gotta love pancake Sundays though!!! :)

Brit said...

... I'm usually napping on the couch next to Grant and Emma who are playing video games. Just to solve the mystery. =)