Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Auntie Lorna is visiting from England and when we realized she had never been to Disneyland we organized a visit and the other half of the Cathie clan met us there. After a wonderful day in the magic kingdom I realized something: Emma doesn't love Disneyland like Brit and Stefan do.
Most of Emma's life I have had to hear comments from the older two like "You would never have let me do that" or You would have never bought me that" or "I would never have gotten away with that". Anyone with a large gap in kid's ages will know what I'm talking about.
But after seeing Disneyland through the eyes of 'adult' Brit, I found an example of some way I've failed Emma but not Stefan and Brit. Emma doesn't really get the importance of the park on the corner of Ball and Katella.
She doesn't realize that you HAVE to have a mint julep and a churro when you get there (giant pickle is optional). That you HAVE to try and pull out the Sword in the Stone. Or that The Small World ride is irratating in a good way. And that no matter how cool your iphone, if you've never seen the Electric Light Parade, or Tinkerbell Fly, you got 'nuthin!
There aren't very many times in a parent's life when they know they've gotten it right. But seeing my 25 year old daughter become 5 again I knew. And I think Walt himself is proud of me.


Brit said...

Maybe its because shes too young to feel sentimental about it. Or maybe its because her whole life is like one giant Disneyland. =)

Beach Mommy said...

We took Colten for the first time last April and he could care less. I don't get it...I enjoy the magic also:)

Susy said...

Reading over your blog today and I just wanted to say that Steve and I are following in your footsteps. We believe in Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty's castle, churros, The Haunted Mansion during Halloween (or any time,) the loud explosions of fireworks at 9:20p.m, people watching, going on the Matterhorn as many times as you can when you are a kid, this is what we believe in, all those mystical things that happen while you are there. So Cindy, Maybe at the time you took Brit and Stefan life was a little simpler for you. Food for thought